MetroArtsCo is a nonprofit that collaborates with communities in Alexandria, VA and the Washington Metropolitan region by bringing arts, including dance classes, private dance lessons, music classes and art classes, to low and middle income children, teenagers and senior citizens who would not otherwise have an opportunity to perform in dance classes or participate in arts activities, such as music or art.
MetroArtsCo collaborates with schools, churches, recreational departments, and dance studios, as well as, private service organizations in Alexandria, VA and the Washington Metropolitan area that make their facilities, such as dance studios or space for art classes, available to nonprofit charitable organizations.  
MetroArtsCo takes the arts to the community. MetroArtsCo instructors travel to schools, churches, dance studios, and recreation departments to bring music classes, art classes and dance classes to students in Alexandria, VA and the Washington Metropolitan area. Classes are offered for little or no cost to participants.
MetroArtCo owns a private dance studio in Alexandria, VA. Dance lessons in classical ballet, dance classes in pre ballet, creative movement and music for children, as well as, customized private and semi-private dance classes are available by appointment.  

The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative

Building communities through art in the Washington DC metropolitan area

Office/ Studio: The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative / 3421 Valley Drive / Alexandria, VA 22302