Board of Directors
Virginia B.Britton, founder, President
Vicki Avera, Vice President
Tina Louise Brower Thomas, Vice President

Executive Volunteers
Elizabeth Pirsch, Attorney
Michael G.Smith, Technical Advisor
Eddie Arnold , Business Advisor

Monica Dale, Director for Maryland

​Melinda Sigal, Marketing Consultant

Ballet level 4 students.

Office/ Studio: The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative / 3421 Valley Drive / Alexandria, VA 22302

About Us

The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative (MetroArtsCo), a nonprofit tax exempt educational arts organization, was founded by Virginia B. Britton, Martin Petersilia, Sivia B. Foster, and supported by Tina L. B. Thomas, Eddie Arnold, Bess Sussman, and other contributors and volunteers.

The MISSION of MetroArtsCo, "Building communities through the arts", supports collaborative artistic activities by providing community enriching opportunities and broadening access to diverse groups and organizations.
MetroArtsCo brings arts to low and middle income children, teenagers and senior citizens who would not otherwise have an opportunity to participate and perform in arts activities.
MetroArtsCo fundraises to create scholarships, grants and programs without charge or for a low cost to participants.

MetroArtsCo collaborates with schools, churches and recreation departments. In addition MetroArtsCo teaches dance classes in their private dance studio in 
​Alexandria, Virginia. MetroArtsCo also collaborates with dance academies and dance studios located in Alexandria, Virginia and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. MetroArtsCo also collaborates with private service organizations that make their facilities available to charitable and nonprofit organizations through out the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.