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The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative - Liability Release and Medical Release  2018-2019
Virginia Britton, Director or 703-568-4425

Liability Release: I am aware that dance training and the athletic exercises associated with it place stress on the body and carry the risk of physical injury. On behalf of my child and myself (and if I am no longer a minor, on my own behalf), I assume the risk and agree that The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative (hereinafter referred to as Metroartsco) shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance at the dance class facilities, the ballet school or any of its related functions. I understand that good dance or movement training involves touching and adjustment of the student's body by the instructor.

Medical Release: In the event I cannot be reached, I hereby give my permission to the management, faculty staff and chaperons of Metroartsco to authorize any emergency medical care that may be required by my child or ward during participation in classes, performances or any related Metroartsco events. This authorization extends as long as the student is enrolled at Metroartsco. I understand that I am responsible for any and all charges as a result of such care or medical treatment. 

The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative: Terms and Conditions for Enrollment 2018-2019

Make up classes: Students in some classes can make up lessons in other groups and are encouraged to do so, call the 703-568-4425 home office of Virginia Britton to get recommendations.
Dress Code: Please see the uniform descriptions on the website for further information.
Lateness: Students who miss the first warm-ups may be asked to watch class or make up class at a later date, as the warm up exercises are critical for safety.
Payment: Tuition entitles the student to take the class scheduled at their level and at the times listed on their registration form. No refunds will be given for classes missed by students due to illness, vacation, or school closings due to acts of God such as inclement weather, etc..
Manners: Parents will be given directions to help get students ready for the beginning of class. Students who are disruptive in class may be given a short time out, after which the can return to class. Quiet and respectful behavior toward others is expected in the studio. Parents should wait close by, but out of sight, during class to help with the student’s needs, such as bathroom trips. Please take cell phones outside the classroom. Parents may read or do other quiet activities with siblings in the waiting area. Children are easily distracted, so we encourage parents to occasionally peek in at students in a way that they will not be observed.
Snow: Please look at the snow closings of the public-school system. We follow their snow day or ice hazard closing announcements.
Photos and Video: Parents, guardians, and students grant Metroartsco the use of any recorded images of themselves in ballet classes, rehearsals or performances.                                                               

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