Students at "Tea with Mrs. B."

Metropolitan Arts Collaborative at TC Williams High School​​
The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative in collaboration with TC Williams High School, Alexandria, VA, offered a new free ballet program to TC students in 2017. MetroArtsCo Ballet Classes were held Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 PM to 5:15 PM as part of the TC after school-program. The classes ran from January 4th through June 27th. Students were trained in the TC Williams Dance Studio by Virginia Britton, Director, The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative.

In addition to learning ballet dance skills, students participating in MetroArtCo Ballet Classes also gained increased concentration, balance, physical fitness and self confidence, which transfers to other activities, such as sports, other dance forms and artistic expression.

MetroArtsCo is pleased to announce that after-school Ballet Classes will continue at TC for the 2017-2018 school year. Classes will begin September 13, 2017, Wednesdays 3:30PM to 5:15PM. Classes will continue through June 13, 2018. 

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Thank You to TC Williams Faculty and Staff
MetroArtsCo is so appreciative to all TC Williams High School faculty, staff and students who gave support, encouragement and opened doors to make the MetroArtsCo Ballet Classes possible and successful. A special thank you goes to the following: Mr. Jesse Dingle, Principle of TC Williams High School, for creating an environment for the arts, Mr. Shawn Thorpe, Vice Principle, for his support, encouragement and helpfulness through out the year, Mr. Larry Trice, for scheduling classes for MetroArtCo in the Dance Studio for after-school activities, and Mr. Kinney, Security Desk, who was always available and literally "opened doors" to the Dance Studio.

Currently private classes in ballet and stretching are being taught in Virginia Britton's private studio.

MetroArtsCo Director Serves as Master of Ceremonies at TC Williams High School World Dance Showcase 
TC Williams High School presented the 6th annual "World Dance Showcase: A Celebration of Dance", Friday, May 26, 2017. As a member of the TC dance family, Ms. Virginia Britton, Director of The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative, stepped in to serve as Master of Ceremonies when it was learned that Ms. Ruthie Lazame would be on maternity leave. Ms. Britton is a dance instructor in the TC after school program, where MetroArtCo offers Ballet classes.  

Congratulations to Ms. Lazame on the birth of her baby and special recognition for the stellar work that she did in the "day in and the day out" training of TC students and in organizing this year's event. Ms. Lazame has inspired her students to feel brave enough to choreograph and perform expressive dance on stage. Under Ms. Lazame's direction, the "World Dance Showcase" featured a mix of Hip Hop, Jazz, West African, "cabaret" style dancing, Modern and a few Ballet steps.

Best wishes to the seniors who participated. Keep up the good work as you continue your education and as you keep the spirit of dance alive in your communities.   

A special thanks to NOVA Dance Company, ABADA Capoeira DC, and KanKouran West African Dance Company for their participation. It did not go unnoticed that young men in the NOVA Dance Company are former TC students that returned to participate, support and inspire the current TC students. BRAVO 

The success of the "World Dance Showcase" was evident by the enthusiastic reception that Ms. Britton and the participants received from the audience. 

Scheduling Meeting for TC Williams High School After-School Activities for 2017-2018
Mr. Larry Trice, the coordinator of after-school activities scheduling for TC Williams High School, had the unenviable task of assuring that competing after-school activities were scheduled without conflicts. Ms. Britton is pleased to announce that MetroArtsCo was assigned a prime spot in the TC Williams High School's after-school lineup in the much sought after Dance Studio for the 2017-2018 school year. Ballet classes are scheduled for Wednesdays 3:30PM-5:30PM, September 13, 2017-June 13, 2018. MetroArtsCo is looking forward to continuing our relationship with the current TC students and we are excited that we will have the opportunity to welcome new students coming to TC from Alexandria middle schools. Opportunities will be given to sign up for dance classes at the beginning of the 2017 school year.   



Garden Magic

A reminder that Garden Magic raises funds to help support programs and administrative expenses of Metropolitan Arts Collaborative. When you hire Garden Magic, you support MetroArtsCo. To the patrons of Garden Magic, thank you for your support of MetroArtsCo. 

Custom Dolls for Sale

Fund raising activities included participation in the Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk Market Place where MetroArtsCo sold custom costumed dolls. The idea of rescuing previously loved Barbie's from local thrift shops and artfully transforming them into beautifully costumed ballerinas was conceived by Ms. Britton. The Alexandria Gazette Packet, October 10-16, 2013, "Costumed Dolls Aid MetroArts: From Ballerinas to Barbie's" featured Ms. Britton and her dolls. The dolls are available for purchase at "Tea with Mrs. B", 136 W. Jefferson St., Falls Church, VA 22046,  or directly from Ms. Britton. Fifty percent of the purchase price is fully tax deductible.  


MetroArtsCo will reach out to other Alexandria Public Schools in 2017-2018 for participation in after-school programs. When schools and schedules are confirmed, we will post notices on the MetroArtsCo Facebook page and at