Private, customized ballet classes and stretch classes for individuals and small groups are held in the MetroArtsCo dance studio in Alexandria, VA.

Classes include:

  • Classical Ballet Technique - both English and Russian Ballet styles are taught.
  • Intensive Stretch - increases flexibility to facilitate movement.
  • Customized Programs - available to children and adults based on individual needs.

Some reasons to study privately:

  • Learn stretches and specific exercises meant to strengthen your body and technique.
  • Practice choreography for recitals, and get to coaching for performances.
  • Receive alignment training to improve efficiency and reduces strain.
  • Late starting students can prepare to join group classes and become a part of the dance community.

Adjusting arm placement based on modern ballet technique.


A beginner classical ballet student.

Office/ Studio: The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative / 3421 Valley Drive / Alexandria, VA 22302