Starting Late or "catching up" in Ballet, what to do ?
If you are reading this, perhaps you have some ballet training and you have discovered that you have a deep desire to improve your skills. In other words, you want to "catch up" on your ballet training so that you can further pursue your dreams. I am here to help you do just that. If after reading about my philosophy and qualifications, you decide this is your goal, I would love to hear from you. We will design a program just for you. I offer private and semi private coaching classes in classical ballet by appointment in my private studio in Alexandria. VA. Please contact me, Virginia Britton, by emailing or contacting me by phone at 703-568-4425. 

Background History
After all the students of ballet my own age had risen to a higher level of technique I finally decided I was "serious". Catching up to the virtuoso's in my own age group seemed impossible to achieve and I did not feel that my teachers were very concerned about helping me. Experienced students around me seemed to be skeptical about it being possible to find a way to fill in my training to be able to "fit in".

I was fortunate to find patient, knowledgeable teachers who helped me to catch up in ballet artistically as well as technically. This allowed me to dance professionally for many happy years, teach, choreograph, direct, and be inspired to share this knowledge with others. (Link to resume)

 What is " catching up" like for a ballet student ?
There is a whole tradition of training which combines the physical work of practicing the movements which build up into habits that must come automatically in order to dance complicated steps under stress and have the body behave properly.
Developing and maintaining physical facility requires personal self discipline, daily hours of stretching and structured daily practice called "class" as long as the career as a student or performer last.

The artistic traditions which define the movements, what is minimal, what is exaggerated, and the aesthetic standards what is beautiful, what is ugly, become integrated into the artist, who knows what the audience is seeing from every angle, even while executing the choreography.

The experience is beyond athletic in it's presumption of technique outside the normal limitations of human movement the goals of which are often selfless expressions of a choreographer's vision, interpretation of the music, or communication of ideas.
After bringing a student forward in vocabulary, alignment, and practice, the student can then integrate into group classes without confusion, this then is the time when working in daily class, auditioning, rehearsing, and performing begin.

For career minded students
For those who want a career, careers in ballet are launched through a reputable ballet school with an organized, graded, syllabus, and the expectation of intensive year round training. 

Why get coached ?
Individual and small group coaching teaches the new student to prepare in body mind and spirit to be among those working on a higher level of technique, with expectations of dedication from themselves and those around them. 

Background challenges
To the new student of ballet with no background, one coming from a recreational, or one from a "competition school" there is often an artistic and technical intimidation factor humbling to even the most gifted and talented when beginning to study at the professional level.

Many current dance schools emphasize commercial competitions in favor of learning the fine art of ballet. Inadequate training in favor of crowd pleasing "tricks", often with incorrect body alignment, has become accepted in the commercial dance world. Sacrificing form often leads to injuries.

A good ballet coach can pass on proper technique. Coaching for new students is technically rehabilitative and gives underpinnings to risky or inadequate training.

Professional Recommendation:
From Michael Parra (who started professional ballet training after high school) :
Virginia Britton changed the course of my life forever. Recognizing an unusual young talent, she devoted painstaking hours of private coaching that enabled me to leave a mediocre college dance program to pursue a professional ballet career. Years later between tours, she hired me as her assistant and to teach at her school. Virginia shapes her dancers with persistence, high standards and a generosity of spirit. She is always, both in her creative work and in her personal interactions, a model of patience
and good taste. Above all else, Virginia instills in everyone a profound respect for art.

Michael Parra
Owner , Volition Fitness
Director, Opus 2 dance
AOM cancer exercise trainer