Suggested Dancewear for TC Williams after school ballet class.

​   ​ Boys 

  • Dance belt, black #ME820
  • Tights, black #ME806 or ​#M92 
  • Split sole jazz shoes, tan or black ​#JS3
  • A black or a white plain tee shirt, which you may buy at any store
  • Low-cut athletic socks, which you may buy at any store


  • ​Long-sleeve leotard, black  #TH5534 or ​#TH5536
  • Convertible tights, tan, beige or black #NB001 
  • Skirt (optional) black  ​#531G​ or #N8334WBLK
  • Split sole jazz shoes, tan or beige ​​# JS3
  • Low-cut athletic socks which you can buy at any store

Regular ballet slippers will not provide enough traction to be safe on the TC dance studio floors, so we recommend using rubber soled jazz shoes. Get jazz shoes with a split sole, as they are the best for stretching your foot in ballet. Selecting the right size and shape of jazz shoes for a specific dancer is best done by a person with experience. One store we like for fitting dance shoes which is also nearby TC, is Robcyn's which is in Bradlee Shopping Center on route 7, King Street.

Here is a list of dancewear appropriate for ballet class followed by the item number for each garment from the website, so that you can see an example of what you need. You can either order from them or find something similar from another store, or use what you already have.

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