Office/ Studio: The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative / 3421 Valley Drive / Alexandria, VA 22302

Lori Clark -Lori Clark is a true world dance master. She has a Master's Degree in Dance from American University, and performs and teaches flamenco, Kathak, ballet, Arabic dance, Modern dance, Bollywood, and has performed in Sufi dance, theatrical, operatic,  musical  and folkloric performances. Lori teaches group and private classes in technique and choreographs.  Lori speaks seven languages.

Lori Clark performing the Spanish Dance in Virginia Britton's Nutcracker.

Virginia Britton rehearsing modern ballet choreography.

Samantha Nuamah - African traditional and modern dances of Ghana. Samantha has taught at George Mason University. Samantha is a professional nurse and an African dance teacher trainer.

Joe Biney​ - Joe is both a performer and teacher of African Drumming.  Besides drumming Joe also knows the traditional story telling dances of Ghana which the drums accompany. The African dancer in "I Hear You Now" has always loved dancing since childhood. He has danced with and taught African drums at the University of Kentucky. He teaches adults and children to play the cultural drums.  He performs African dance with Fritete African Drum and Dance Ensemble.  He also dances and Performs with Kuwkuwa Dance workshop.

Monica Dale - A Martha Graham trained dancer, pianist and well known teacher and inventor, Monica teaches at Peabody Conservatory of the University of Maryland. Monica has written 15 books on her method of teaching dance and music called Musikinesis.  Monica currently teaches with the Baltimore Orchestra outreach.

Joe Biney performing African dance.

Samantha Nuamah teaching African Dance.

Traveling Teachers

These teachers travel to the locations of schools, recreational facilities and the like to teach professional programs in the arts.

Virginia Britton, Director, teaches Classical Ballet, Creative Ballet for young children, Stretch Technique, Ballet Exercise for Seniors.Virginia teaches Vaganova method and Royal Ballet techniques. She founded The Metropolitan Arts Collaborative in 2012 in order to be able to reach out to the public schools. Virginia teaches for Joy of Dance and coaches their students privately.